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Why Choose Nucor Buildings Group?
Nucor Buildings Group is foremost in the design and manufacture of steel buildings, which are some of the most versatile, energy-efficient, and cost-effective buildings to erect when compared with traditional construction. So why should you choose to build with Nucor steel?


Cost Effective
Nucor Buildings Group steel buildings are designed by registered engineers with the aid of some of the industry’s most advanced computer systems, such as BIM 3D Modeling Technology. A computer-designed building system simplifies construction and significantly reduces construction time. This means fewer surprises during the construction phase, and reduced costs.

Our buildings come in a wide range of appealing colors, and can be designed to use a range of covering systems such as glass, brick, or block, emulating the look and feel of traditional construction. Unique architectural details and complex designs may also be incorporated, allowing your project to stand out from the rest.

Energy Efficient
Nucor Buildings Group steel buildings are adaptable to a number of energy-efficient insulation systems from basic fiberglass to rigid board and insulated metal panels. Better insulation systems mean your energy bills become easier to manage. Our high performance prismatic skylights can mazimize energy savings by significantly reducing building operating costs.

Each and every Nucor Buildings Group steel building is designed and fabricated to meet the functional requirements of your business. And, since every building is custom designed, you suffer no price penalty.

Whether you’re looking to build multiple buildings or just one, we’ve got you covered. From commercial spaces, to aircraft hangars, fire stations, to educational or religious facilities, warehouses or industrial facilities, to agricultural buildings, when you choose to build a Nucor Buildings Group steel building, your design, fabrication, and construction times are greatly reduced. A steel building is also easy and uncomplicated to expand, so it can grow as you grow.

The Nucor Buildings Group FOCUS®
There are countless metal building companies vying for your business, but only one group that delivers on their promises. Every employee at Nucor Buildings Group is committed to their customers, which is the basis of our FOCUS statement. This FOCUS is what sets us apart.

Nucor Buildings Group has the best reputation in the industry for selling steel that fits. Our greatest source of pride comes from jobs that ship with no back charges, back orders, or shortages.

Nucor Buildings Group has become the industry leader in hitting our delivery commitments. Your building crews can stay on schedule because our deliveries are always on time.

We know you have a budget, and we are committed to saving you money with our advanced design systems offering flexibility, energy efficiency, and speedy construction times.

Nucor Buildings Group has strategically located manufacturing plants, and we utilize support material produced by our own Nucor Steel divisions. We are there for you when you need us.

Every Nucor Buildings Group steel building is custom designed and fabricated to meet your unique building needs. Our product is your solution.


Industry Leadership & Taking the Green Initiative
As members of the MBMA, you can choose Nucor Buildings Group with confidence. Our manufacturing and engineering policies, practices, and procedures are audited annually. The metal building industry certification process reviews raw materials, design specifications, software including BIM 3D Technology, building code compliance, and quality control procedures. This process assures the structural integrity and quality of our Nucor Buildings Group steel building systems.

Nucor Buildings Group are also active members of the MBMA Energy Committee and the U.S. Green Buildings Council, and help to set the bar concerning energy efficient buildings and green construction practices. With a published rate of 89% or higher recycled content, a Nucor Building Group steel building can be an exceptional choice for your LEED® project. Earning LEED Certification requires careful consideration in planning each element of your building project. Not to mention Daylighting with Prismatic Skylights to increase the energy savings for your building. Using a Nucor steel building offers you an opportunity to earn points right from the start. Our building systems can also help you earn points in Recycled Content, Heat Island Effect, Use of Regional Materials, and Materials Reuse categories. Talk to one of our steel building professionals today to find out how Nucor Buildings Group can help you meet your green building goals.


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